water chemistry of Imnavait watershed during 2002-2004


Water chemistry (NO3, NH4, TDN, DON, DOC) from Imnavait watershed along hillslope. Sample waters were either collected by lysimeters, needle with syringe, or extracting soil with water or 1N KCl.

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Shaver, G., Yano, Y. 2009. water chemistry of Imnavait watershed during 2002-2004 Environmental Data Initiative. http://dx.doi.org/10.6073/pasta/6a2e2065b9039335ac7a2b229204ecd6

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Thursday, July 11, 2002 to Thursday, July 29, 2004

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Field Lysim (2002) : Four solimoisture collectors were installed within organic or mineral soil horizon at each location. Water was pooled by depth and by location proir to analysis. Lysim (2003-2004) : Solimoisture collectors were installed within 15N addition plots at 10 and 20cm below surface (5 each at 2 depths= 10 per plot). Water was pooled by depth and by plot prior to analysis. Downslope: Water was collected from >3 locations within, immediately below, or above the 15N addition plots by a needle with syringe that was inserted to the bottom of active layer. Soilextr: Soil cores were taken from each plot (5 cores per plot), live roots had-picked, then subsamples of the core was extracted with DI water (water:soil=1:10 for top 10cm soil, 1:5 for next 10cm soil) or 1KCl (KCl:soil = 1:10) Snowmelt: Water was collected under snow packs by a needle with syringe that was inserted horizontally to a layer of soil that was not frozen (1-2 cm deep) Soilmelt: Water was collected after most of the snow at the site disappeared by a needle with syringe that was inserted horizontally to the frozen layer of soil. (1-5 cm deep) Stream: stream water collected from the nearest section of the stream from the sampling site. Snow: Snow cover collected by a PVC snow corere just before spring snowmelt. The bottom of the snow core was removed to minimize contamination of vegetation and soil. Lab NO3: Cd reduction followed by Griess-Ilosvay method for NO2 NH4: Berthelot method TDN: Persulfate oxidation followed by NO3 method DON: TDN-NO3-NH4 DOC: High-temperature combustion after removing DIC by sparging

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