Mean daily discharge and water temperature data for Oksrukuyik Creek from June to September, 2004


Oksrukuyik Creek stage height and calculated discharge for the summer of 2004 as well as Oksrukuyik Creek continuous temperature recorded by a Campbell CR10 data logger. Measurements were taken about 10 meters downstream of the road (2.6k below the original N and P dripper). In Summer 2009, this location moved upstream of the road, do to the construction of a culvert.

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Bowden, W. 2006. Mean daily discharge and water temperature data for Oksrukuyik Creek from June to September, 2004 Environmental Data Initiative.



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Thursday, June 17, 2004 to Wednesday, August 11, 2004

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Discharge was measured using the velocity area method with a Marsh-McBirney flow meter. Discharge was measured seven times throughout the summer season. Flow was measured at 20 points along a transect. A Campbell Scientific CR-10 data logger was installed on 18 June 2004 and removed on 12 August 2004 to record stage height and water temperature every 10 minutes. The observed stage height is used with the measured discharge to develop a rating curve. The rating curve is used to calculate discharge from the recorded stage height values. 68.688928 -149.094342 The rating curve equation for calculating discharge is discharge=mx^b where m=8e-17, b=8.7384, and x=stage height in cm Arctic LTER Streams Protocols

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