Jennie McLaren


Jennie McLaren


Faculty Associate


United States

Recent Publications

Gough, Laura, H. Bass, and J. R Mclaren. 2015. Effects Of Increased Soil Nutrients On Seed Rain: A Role For Seed Dispersal In The Greening Of The Arctic?. Arctic, Antarctic And Alpine Research 47 (1). Arctic, Antarctic And Alpine Research: 27-34. doi:10.1657/AAAR0014-055.
Mclaren, J. R, and Laura Gough. 2014. Effects Of Increasing Shrub Abundance On Litter Production And Decomposition In Arctic Tundra. Ecological Society Of America, Annual Meeting. Ecological Society Of America, Annual Meeting. Sacramento, CA.
Boelman, Natalie T, Laura Gough, J. R Mclaren, and Heather Greaves. 2011. Does Ndvi Reflect Variation In The Structural Attributes Associated With Increasing Shrub Dominance In Arctic Tundra?. Environmental Research Letters 6 (3). Environmental Research Letters: 035501. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/6/3/035501.