Kuparuk River 1988 summer temperature and discharge calculated from stage height.


Stream temperature and discharge each summer, water temperature and stream discharge are determined for the Kuparuk River. In many years, temperature and stream height were recorded manually each day. In recent years, data loggers have measured stream temperature and stream height at regular intervals. The Kuparuk River data is maintained by Dough Kane on the Water and Environmental Research Center at UAF (http://www.uaf.edu/water/projects/NorthSlope/upper_kuparuk/uk_river/uk_r...) Stream height is converted into stream discharge based on a rating curve calculated from manual discharge measurements throughout the season. The principal investigator in charge of the temperature and discharge measurements is Dr. Breck Bowden.

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Bowden, W. 1990. Kuparuk River 1988 summer temperature and discharge calculated from stage height. Environmental Data Initiative. http://dx.doi.org/10.6073/pasta/1437670114583f82e17ce9ddfa90da42



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Monday, May 23, 1988 to Monday, August 22, 1988

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Longterm monitoring and experimentation


Stage height measurements were taken 1 km upstream of the Kuparuk River crossing at the Dalton Highway. Measurements were taken at the water line and recorded using a measuring stick placed vertically on the upstream side between the two culverts. The readings were in centimeters up from the bottom of the river. Additionally, a continuous record of stage height was maintained using a Stevens Water Level Recorder. The float for the gauge was housed in a stilling well constructed from a 12 inch diameter corrugated galvanized culvert pipe mounted vertically between the two culvert pipes on the upstream end. Measurements were taken every four hours.

Discharge was calculated from stage height. The calibration of the discharge regression equation was rechecked during the summer at two different stage heights, 82 and 112cm. Actual flow measurements were taken at the “top, middle and bottom” depth increments every 1 meter along a cross sectional transect of the river, just downstream of the gas pipeline crossing. Calibration measurements were taken using a Marsh-McBirney, Model 201 portable water current meter. When the stage was under 105cm the rating curve equation y = ((x - 70)^1.44 * 0.016/2) + 0.1, with x as the stage height, was used. When the stage was over 105cm the rating curve equation y = ((x - 70)^1.44 * 0.016) + 0.1, with x as the stage height, was used. Raw data from the calibration measurement and the actual chart recordings are available.

Some temperature data is available for this year. Temperature readings were taken with a 12” blunt stem reotemp dial-head thermometer at a location between the two culverts upstream of the road.

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