Mean daily discharge and stage height data for Oksrukuyik Creek from June to September, 1990


Oksrukuyik Creek stage height and calculated discharge for the summer of 1990 recorded by a Campbell CR10 data logger. Measurements came from the USGS.

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Bowden, W. 1992. Mean daily discharge and stage height data for Oksrukuyik Creek from June to September, 1990 Environmental Data Initiative.



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Tuesday, May 22, 1990 to Wednesday, September 12, 1990

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Discharge was measured using the velocity area method with a SonTek or Marsh-McBirney flow meter. Discharge was measured six times throughout the summer season. Flow was measured at 20 points along a transect. A Campbell Scientific CR-10 data logger recorded stage height every 4 hours. The observed stage height is used with the measured discharge to develop a rating curve determined by the USGS. The rating curve is used to calculate discharge from the recorded stage height values.
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