Mean daily discharge, stage height and water temperature data for Oksrukuyik Creek from June to September, 1991


Oksrukuyik Creek stage height and calculated discharge for the summer of 1991 as well as Oksrukuyik Creek temperature. Measurements came from the USGS.

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Bowden, W. 1993. Mean daily discharge, stage height and water temperature data for Oksrukuyik Creek from June to September, 1991 Environmental Data Initiative.



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Monday, May 27, 1991 to Sunday, August 25, 1991

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Stage height measurements taken at gauging station and discharge calculated from stage height by using a "stage/discharge relationship". Notes: Oks Creek stage height data was acquired from the USGS in Fairbanks who use their gauging station on the creek to monitor the stage height. USGS stage height measurements are in feet and were converted to centimeters for further calculation. Discharge was calculated using the 1990 Oksrukuyik discharge rating curve. Discharge = 0.925305872956 + (-0.52412639055)stage + (0.000705907799)stage2 +(0.00000117057)stage3. Discharge was calculated for six stage height readings a day, taken at four hour intervals. It should be noted that after the August 23 pulse there was a significant change in the channel at Oks Creek. Richard Kemnitz from the Fairbanks USGS thought that the channel had filled in approximately 0.5 feet at the low end and 0.3 feet at the high end. Therefore the discharge calculations for August 23-25 may be as much as 30% to high. USGS took a discharge reading after the August 23rd pulse but the data is not yet available. For further information on discharge calculations see the Oksrukuyik Creek 1988 and 1991 Discharge files. Temperature readings were taken daily with a 12" blunt stem reotemp dial-head thermometer at a location between the two culverts on the upstream side of the road. Notes: There are several days for which no temperature data are available. There are also days on which more than one temperature reading was taken. Arctic LTER Streams Protocols

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