Kuparuk River 1994 summer temperature and discharge calculated from stage height.


Stream temperature and discharge Each summer, water temperature and stream discharge are determined for the Kuparuk River. In many years, temperature and stream height were recorded manually each day. In recent years, data loggers have measured stream temperature and stream height at regular intervals. The Kuparuk River data is maintained by Dough Kane on the Water and Environmental Research Center at UAF (http://www.uaf.edu/water/projects/NorthSlope/upper_kuparuk/uk_river/uk_r...) Stream height is converted into stream discharge based on a rating curve calculated from manual discharge measurements throughout the season. The principal investigator in charge of the temperature and discharge measurements is Dr. Breck Bowden.

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Bowden, W. 1996. Kuparuk River 1994 summer temperature and discharge calculated from stage height. Environmental Data Initiative. http://dx.doi.org/10.6073/pasta/6654c0b39fb4d60bd78a81f9743e6ceb



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Friday, June 3, 1994 to Tuesday, September 6, 1994

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Longterm monitoring and experimentation


Stage height measurements were recorded by a Campbell CR-10 data logger positioned 1 km upstream of the Kuparuk River crossing at the Dalton Highway. Backup measurements were taken by a Stevens chart recorder and also with a measuring stick, both placed at the same site. Stage height readings are in centimeters from the bottom of the river to the water surface. Discharge calibration measurements were taken at 60% of depth at 20-30 points along a cross sectional transect of the river, 100 meters upstream of the data logger. Measurements were made using both Marsh-McBirney and Teledyne-Gurley flow meters. Raw data from the calibration measurements are available.
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