Discharge data from I8 Outlet near Toolik Field Station, Alaska, summer 2010


As a part of the CSASN project, daily average discharge was estimated in three streams within the Toolik Inlet watershed. HOBO U20 data loggers were used for stage (water depth) data acquisition, and a rating curve relationship between stage and occasional dilution gauged discharge measurements was established to transform continuous stage measurements to continuous discharge measurements. The data included in this file is from I8 Outlet stream, 2010 season.

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Gooseff, M. 2013. Discharge data from I8 Outlet near Toolik Field Station, Alaska, summer 2010 Environmental Data Initiative. http://dx.doi.org/10.6073/pasta/4c5b5e0ebb6979e2ac3b72462c8dc6b3

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Friday, July 16, 2010 to Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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A HOBO U20 stage logger was deployed at the channel bottom. The logger was housed at the bottom of the stream within a perforated pvc casing, the pvc casing was secured to the stream bottom with rebar. A barometric logger was deployed nearby in a weather protected box. The stage logger collects temperature data and absolute pressure measurements from beneath the water, while the barometric logger collects temperature and absolute absolute pressure of the air. HOBOWarePro software was used to correct absolute pressure measurements from under stream water for barometric pressure in the overlying air. By accounting for the temperature dependent density of freshwater.

On several occasions during the 2010 field season, dilution gauged discharge measurements were made at a location near the U20 stage logger. A total of 6 discharge measurements were made between 7/19 and 9/22/2010. A power law model was fitted to explain discharge (y) as a function of water depth (x) - [y=733.88(x)^1.429].

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