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Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsF Stuart Chapin III, Shaver, GR
EditorChabot, BF, Mooney, HA
Book TitlePhysiological Ecology of North American Plant Communities
PublisherChapman and Hail
CityNew York, NY
ISBN Number978-94-010-8641-7
Accession NumberARC313
Keywordstundra D 04140 Taiga/tundra

Owing to effective temperature adaptation by all arctic organisms, it is primarily factors other than temperature that directly determine the variation in growth rate and distribution of plants within the arctic. The low temperature of the Arctic indirectly results in (a) a short growing season, (b) low nutrient availability, and (c) permafrost with restricted drainage and frequently poor aeration. It is these factors that directly limit growth most strongly within the arctic and determine the mosaic of arctic vegetation.

Short TitleThe physiological ecology of arctic plants