Arctic Data Catalog

The long-term datasets of the Arctic LTER include both monitoring data and data from whole ecosystem manipulations in tundra, lakes and streams. 

Data from routine monitoring are available online as soon as the data are checked for quality, and where necessary transformed for presentation in standard units and scales.  Many datasets, such as weather observations, stream flow, and data that require little post-collection processing or chemical analyses, are available within a year of collection.  Other data, particularly from samples requiring intensive chemical analysis in our home laboratories, may take up to two years before they appear online.  All datasets are archived at the Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) while most collaborating project datasets are archived at the NSF Arctic Data Center (as required by their project's data plan).  To find these data there are several search portals:

  • Toolik Field Station's DataOne data portal enables a search for all datasets achieved in DataOne from around Toolik (  (DataOne provides access to data across multiple member repositories, supporting enhanced search and discovery of Earth and environmental data.)
  • EDI provides resources for finding data and accessing data  for the following searches:
    • EDI Dataset Search
    • DataONE Dataset Search
    • Google Dataset Search

To search just the Arctic LTER datasets in EDI use the following: