dissolve organic matter

Photochemistry Chemistry
George Kling, Rose Cory, 2014 Photochemistry data set for NSF Photochemistry project on the North Slope of Alaska.. 10.6073/pasta/2f9433d6a608e82e1dd4fa23175c1f59
Data file containing optical characterization of colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM). Data include CDOM absorption coefficients, water column light attenuation coefficients, specific UV light absorbance (SUVA254), spectral slope ratio, and fluorescence index from waters near Toolik Lake on the North Slope of Alaska. A synthesis of the data presented here is published in Cory et al. 2013, PNAS 110:3429-3434, and in Cory et al. 2014, Science 345:925-928.
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