light curve

Ecosystem respiration (ER: or CO2 flux), methane (CH4) fluxes and net ecosystem production (NEP) near Toolik Lake, Alaska, comparing effects of temperature, moisture and nutrients on tundra C balances.

Terrestrial Trace Gases
Gaius Shaver, 2013 Summary of measured and modeled light curve parameters for diffuse, direct, and intermediate light curves for 14 whole-canopy 1mx1m plots sampled near the shrub LTER sites at Toolik Field Station, Alaska, summer 2012.. 10.6073/pasta/4bc7067bbfad38c9368c522cf1bf633d
14 1m x 1m shrub plots were sampled the summer of 2012 under direct and diffuse light conditions. Light response curves were measured under each light condition for each plot using a Li-Cor 6400 to measure net ecosystem exchange (NEP); these measurements were modelled using a saturatingMichaelis-Menton formula.
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