potential enzyme activity

Soil properties and chemical composition and extractable nutrients: Extractable NH4-N and NO3-N (2 N KCl), PO4-P (0.025 N HCl) and pH (0.01 M CaCl2); Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus content; thaw depth; del C-13, del N-15; ergosterol concentration for soils near Toolik, along the Dalton Highway and Abisko, Sweden.

Terrestrial Soil Properties
John Moore, 2013 Extracellular enzyme activities in soils from Arctic LTER moist acidic tundra nutrient addition plots, Toolik Field Station, Alaska, sampled July 2011.. 10.6073/pasta/ea03e558865471f1daf5b15bbce582c2
Soil samples were collected from control, and N+P plots from within a set of treatments in Arctic LTER Moist Acidic Tundra plots established in 1989 and in 2006 . At the time of sampling the soil was separated into organic horizon, organic/mineral interface, and the upper 5cm of the mineral soil. In the lab the potential activities of seven hydrolytic enzymes was determined using fluorometric techniques (Saiya-Cork et al. 2002) modified following Steinweg et al(.2012).
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