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Multi-trophic Impacts NDVI
Natalie Boelman, 2013 Weekly Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data from Roche Moutonnee, Toolik Field Station, Imnavait, and Sag river DOT sites, in the northern foothills of the Brooks Range, Alaska, summer 2010-2014.. 10.6073/pasta/30eb6c9c1d50286fc8213a07c083ad85
Weekly Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data from Roche Moutonnee, Toolik Lake Field Station, Imnavait Creek and Sagavanirktok River DOT sites in the northern foothills of the Brooks Range, Alaska. Located south of the Arctic LTER and Toolik Lake Field Station. Data collected from May to July 2010-2014. Methods and further data published in Ecography by Rich, et al. 2013.
Welker IPY_Snow_shrub
Jeff Welker, Paddy Sullivan, 2011 Welker IPY snow fence shrub site Betula leaf 15N, 13C, %N, %C, Toolik, Alaskanear Toolik Field Station 2007 and 2008.. 10.6073/pasta/b6c6bebabdbdc93b7d5d7937c45aede9
Betula nana leaf mineral leaf 15N, 13C, %N, %C was measured over the summer seasons in 2007 and 2008 at our shrub site. Fresh fully expanded leaves were collected several times during the summer.
Terrestrial Soil Properties
Jennie DeMarco, Michelle Mack, 2013 Mass, C, N, and lignin from litter decomposed across a shrub gradient and with snow manipulations near Toolik Field Station between 2003 and 2009.. 10.6073/pasta/badba3735996e3de4cd02ee4bd1cfd5c
In arctic tundra near Toolik Lake, Alaska, we incubated a common substrate in a snow addition experiment to test whether snow accumulation around arctic deciduous shrubs altered the environment enough to increase litter decomposition rates. We compared the influence of litter quality on the rate of litter and N loss by decomposing litter from four different plant functional types in a common site. We used aboveground net primary production values and estimated k values from our decomposition experiments to calculate community-weighted mass loss for each site.
Jennie DeMarco, Michelle Mack, 2009 Net nitrogen mineralization from shrub gradient and snow manipulations, near Toolik field station, collect in the summer of 2006 and winter of 2006-2007. 10.6073/pasta/d63fe4fe5d2725aaa8732f1ae6548028
In arctic tundra, near Toolik Lake, Alaska, we quantified net N-mineralization rates under ambient and manipulated snow treatments at three different plant communities that varied in abundance and height of deciduous shrubs.
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