soil organic nitrogen

Soil properties and chemical composition and extractable nutrients: Extractable NH4-N and NO3-N (2 N KCl), PO4-P (0.025 N HCl) and pH (0.01 M CaCl2); Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus content; thaw depth; del C-13, del N-15; ergosterol concentration for soils near Toolik, along the Dalton Highway and Abisko, Sweden.

Terrestrial Soil Properties
Gaius Shaver, Yuriko Yano, 2009 Chloroform-extractableN and d15N within 15N addition plots for Aug 2003. 10.6073/pasta/3afcfb4b01223d351944947a7881a2d6
Pool size and d15N values for chloroform-extractable N, extractable-N, and non-extractable N pools. Samples collected in Aug. 2003 from 1st Organic Layer of 15N addition plots in Imnavait watershed.

1st Organic Layer = the upper 10 cm of organic soil or, if the organic layer was < 10 cm thick, the entire layer (e.g., there was never > 4 cm of organic soil at Crest).
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