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Mclaren, J. R, Anthony Darrouzet-Nardi, M. Weintraub, and Laura Gough. Seasonal Patterns Of Soil Nitrogen Availability In Moist Acidic Tundra. Arctic Science 4, no. 1. Arctic Science (2018): 98-109. doi:10.1139/as-2017-0014.
Gough, Laura. Conducting Research At The Arctic Lter: Bridging Community And Ecosystem Ecology Via Collaborations. In Long Term Ecological Research: Changing The Nature Of Scientists, 83-90. Long Term Ecological Research: Changing The Nature Of Scientists. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2016.
Boelman, Natalie T, J Holbrook, Heather Greaves, Jesse S Krause, Helen E Chmura, T. S Magney, J H Perez, et al.. Lidar Gives A Bird’S Eye Perspective On Arctic Tundra Breeding Habitat.. Remote Sensing Of Environment 184. Remote Sensing Of Environment (2016): 337-349. doi:10.1016/j.rse.2016.07.012.
Gough, Laura, H. Bass, and J. R Mclaren. Effects Of Increased Soil Nutrients On Seed Rain: A Role For Seed Dispersal In The Greening Of The Arctic?. Arctic, Antarctic And Alpine Research 47, no. 1. Arctic, Antarctic And Alpine Research (2015): 27-34. doi:10.1657/AAAR0014-055.
Sweet, Shannan K, Ashley Asmus, Matthew E Rich, Laura Gough, and Natalie T Boelman. Ndvi As A Predictor Of Canopy Arthropod Biomass In The Alaskan Arctic Tundra. Ecological Applications 25, no. 3. Ecological Applications (2015): 779-790. doi:10.1890/14-0632.1.