Thermokarst Streams
Title Abstract
ARCSS/TK water chemistry and epilithon characterization from the Noatak National Preserve, Kelly River region (2010) and Feniak Lake region (2011).
These data are from two remote field campaigns in the Noatak National Preserve. Various thermokarst features and their receiving streams were sampled and characterized. A suite of water chemistry (nutrients, major anions and cations, total suspended sediment) and benthic variables (particulate carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus, and chlorophyll-a) were measured at 6 major sites (2 in 2010 and 4 in 2011). There were additional sites sampled for water chemistry above and below thermokarst... more
ARCSS/TK water chemistry and total suspended sediment data from I-Minus2 and Toolik River thermokarsts and receiving streams, near Toolik Field Station, Alaska, summers 2006-2013.
Water samples were taken at 5 locations at both I-Minus2 and Toolik River thermokarst sites (10 sampling locations total). A combination of ISCO and manual grab samples were taken depending on the sampling location and year.
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