Dalton highway

Soil microfuna and microflora- includes bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, rotifers, tardigrades

Terrestrial Soil Microfuna and Microflora
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Plant litter, soil, plants and fungal fruiting bodies 15N, 13C, percent C and N along Dalton Highway, Alaska 2004, 1990, 2007.
The data set includes 15N and 13C for plant litter, soil, plants and fungal fruiting bodies (mycorrhizae), percent C (soil organic matter and percent N from samples collected in three separate trips (1990, 2004, 2007) along the transect of the Dalton Highway (AK) extending from the Yukon River on the south to Prudhoe Bay on the north.
Soil ergosterol transect Dalton Highway Alaska 2007
The data set describes soil ergosterol concentration, which is unique to fungal membranes., from an Alaska transect . The soil samples from Alaska were collected in a trip from north to south along the Dalton Highway. north of the Yukon River.
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