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Ecotypes Transplant Garden
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Mass per tiller, nitrogen concentration, stable isotope ratios for carbon and nitrogen from the 1980-82 Eriophorum vaginatum reciprocal transplant experiment along a latitudinal gradient in interior Alaska collected in July, 2011
In 1980-1982, six transplant gardens were established along a latitudinal gradient in interior Alaska from Eagle Creek, AK in the south to Prudhoe Bay, AK in the north. Three sites, Toolik Lake (TL), Sagwon (SAG), and Prudhoe Bay (PB) are north of the continental divide and the remaining three, Eagle Creek (EC), No Name Creek (NN), and Coldfoot (CF), are south of the continental divide. Each garden consisted of 10 individual Eriophorum vaginatum tussocks transplanted back to their home-site... more
Terrestrial Biomass
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Arctic LTER 1988: del 13C and del 15N ratios measurement for Eriophorum, Carex and lichen species in water tracks at Toolik and Imnavait Creek
del 13C and del 15N ratios were measured for plant and lichen in watertracks in the Toolik Lake drainage and the east facing slope of the Imnavait Creek area. Sampling locations for each species for a specific date were chosen across an elevation gradient starting from the lakeside and leading to ridge crest. The vegetation was dried and analyzed for stable isotopes.
Bulk concentration and isotopic information of plant C and N in green leaves and tissues collected from Imnavait watershed during 2003-2005
Changes in total C and N, d13C and d15N, C:N ratio in green leaves and parts of mosses (for sphagnum, both red and green tips were included) over time since 15NH4 addition in Imnavait watershed.
Lakes Isotopes
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Concentration of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), carbon and nitrogen concentrations, C:N ratios and del 13C isotope value for lakes and rivers on North Slope from Brooks Range to Prudhoe Bay, Arctic LTER 1988 to 2005
Composite file describing plant, animal, water, and sediment samples collected at various sites near Toolik Research Station (68 38'N, 149 36'W). Sample site descriptors include an assigned number specific to the file, a number that relates the samples to other samples collected on the same date and time (sortchem), site, date, time, and depth. Samples are identified by type, category, and a short description. Data include isotope values, carbon and nitrogen concentrations, and C... more
Terrestrial Soil Properties
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Del 13C and del 15N ratios in a peat core at 2 cm depth intervals at 4 locations along the Dalton Highway, North Slope Alaska, 1989.
del 13C and del 15N ratios were measured on a peat core at 2 cm depth intervals. Peat cores were taken at Imnavait Creek, Pump Station 3, the Happy Valley Steram and Olikok Dock Road along the Dalton Highway, Alaska.
physical and chemical information for soil cores from Imnavait watershed during 2003-2005
Physical (bulk density, soil thickness) and chemical (total C and N, d13C and d15N) information of soil cores taken from 15N addition plots in Imnavait watershed.
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