lake trout

Lakes Fish
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Fish captures in lakes of the Arctic LTER region Toolik Field Station Alaska from 1986 to present.
This file contains the fish number, recap number, species, lengths, weights, sex and a list of tissues sampled of fish captured in lakes near the Toolik Lake Arctic LTER site during summers from 1986 to present. The file also contains information from gill-netted fish (if any), sacrificed fish, and accidentally killed fish.  All dead fish are included, and if their stomachs and otoliths were taken, that is noted also.
Lakes Isotopes
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Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope values for lake trout from 6 different Arctic lakes near Toolik, Arctic LTER 1987 to 1988.
Lake trout were analysed for carbon and nitrogen stable isotope values in 6 Arctic lakes near Toolik Lake at the Arctic LTER in 1987 and 1988. The fish were also analysed for age using otoliths.
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