No name Creek

Ecotypes Transplant Garden
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Mass per tiller, nitrogen concentration, stable isotope ratios for carbon and nitrogen from the 1980-82 Eriophorum vaginatum reciprocal transplant experiment along a latitudinal gradient in interior Alaska collected in July, 2011
In 1980-1982, six transplant gardens were established along a latitudinal gradient in interior Alaska from Eagle Creek, AK in the south to Prudhoe Bay, AK in the north. Three sites, Toolik Lake (TL), Sagwon (SAG), and Prudhoe Bay (PB) are north of the continental divide and the remaining three, Eagle Creek (EC), No Name Creek (NN), and Coldfoot (CF), are south of the continental divide. Each garden consisted of 10 individual Eriophorum vaginatum tussocks transplanted back to their home-site... more
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