soil aggregates

Soil properties and chemical composition and extractable nutrients: Extractable NH4-N and NO3-N (2 N KCl), PO4-P (0.025 N HCl) and pH (0.01 M CaCl2); Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus content; thaw depth; del C-13, del N-15; ergosterol concentration for soils near Toolik, along the Dalton Highway and Abisko, Sweden.

Terrestrial Soil Properties
Title Abstract
Soil aggregate size distribution and particulate organic matter content from Arctic LTER moist acidic tundra nutrient addition plots, Toolik Field Station, Alaska, sampled July 2011.
Soil aggregate size distribution, aggregate carbon and nitrogen, and light fraction carbon were determined for mineral soils in moist acidic tundra. Soil was sampled in control, and N+P plots of the Arctic LTER Moist Acidic Tundra plots established in 1989 and 2006.
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