Soil microfuna and microflora- includes bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, rotifers, tardigrades

Terrestrial Soil Microfuna and Microflora
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Plant litter, soil, plants and fungal fruiting bodies 15N, 13C, percent C and N along Dalton Highway, Alaska 2004, 1990, 2007.
The data set includes 15N and 13C for plant litter, soil, plants and fungal fruiting bodies (mycorrhizae), percent C (soil organic matter and percent N from samples collected in three separate trips (1990, 2004, 2007) along the transect of the Dalton Highway (AK) extending from the Yukon River on the south to Prudhoe Bay on the north.
Terrestrial Soil Properties
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Mass, C, N, and lignin from litter decomposed across a shrub gradient and with snow manipulations near Toolik Field Station between 2003 and 2009.
In arctic tundra near Toolik Lake, Alaska, we incubated a common substrate in a snow addition experiment to test whether snow accumulation around arctic deciduous shrubs altered the environment enough to increase litter decomposition rates. We compared the influence of litter quality on the rate of litter and N loss by decomposing litter from four different plant functional types in a common site. We used aboveground net primary production values and estimated k values from our... more
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