Disabling the increase of revision number when a data set is saved.

  • The update of the revision number when data sets are saved was not useful since the number can get out of hand when doing multiple saves.  In the eml module the "drupal_root"/profiles/deims/modules/custom/eml/lib/EmlDataSet.php has a funtion to update the revision.  I modified as such: (Note that below code uses the a patch file - and + notations.)

   public function incrementEMLRevisionID() {
     $revision_id = $this->getEMLRevisionID();
-    if (!empty($revision_id)) {
-      $revision_id++;
-    }
-    else {
-      $revision_id = 1;
+// Changed to only increment revision id if empty. No auto increment with save.
+    if (empty($revision_id)) {
+       $revision_id = 1;

If you have the lastest version of the EmlDataSet.php from drupal then this patch should work.