Hardware and software of ARC-LTER web site and database

Web Server

The Arctic LTER website is currently using an Apache web server on an Ubuntu Linux 16.04 server. The server is a Lenovo server with software RAID 0.  WebAdmin is used to help administer and maintain software updates.

The web site is a Drupal Ecological Information Management System (DEIMS). Security updates of Drupal and modules are maintained using Drush.  Daily, weekly and monthly backups of the web site and the SQL databases are made using Rsnapshots. The backups are stored on an external hard drive with the weekly and monthly backups also being stored to a cloud backup.


The Marine Biological Lab (MBL) maintains an intranet providing online storage and cloud backup for research projects.  In addition, MBL has Office360 licenses for year-round researchers which includes OneDrive for Business.  Each researcher gets 5 TB of online storage with the ability to share folders and files with external researchers.