carbon fluxes

AON Imnavait
M. Syndonia Bret-Harte, Eugenie Euskirchen, Kevin Griffin, Gaius Shaver, 2018 Eddy Flux Measurements, Tussock Station, Imnavait Creek, Alaska - 2015. 10.6073/pasta/2ffd814b0953d1147a59e62888ad977b
The Biocomplexity Station, now known as the Tussock Station, was established in 2005 to measure landscape-level carbon, water and energy balances at Imnavait Creek, Alaska.  The station is now contributing valuable data to the Arctic Observing Network that was established at two nearby stations.  These will form part of a network of observatories with Abisko (Sweden), Zackenburg (Greenland) and a location in the Canadian High Arctic which will provide further data points as part of the International Polar Year.  This particular part of the project focuses on simultaneous measurements of car
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