Ecosystem respiration (ER: or CO2 flux), methane (CH4) fluxes and net ecosystem production (NEP) near Toolik Lake, Alaska, comparing effects of temperature, moisture and nutrients on tundra C balances.

Terrestrial Trace Gases
Gaius Shaver, 2012 Leaf Area Index every 15 cm of 1m x 1m chamber flux and point frame plots and sites where dataloggers monitored PAR above, within and below S. pulchra and B. nana canopies during the growing season at the Toolik Field Station in AK, Summer 2012.. 10.6073/pasta/627698983259d6963a6083d5251723cc
Leaf area index (LAI) measurements were taken with the Delta-T SunScan wand every 15 cm from the ground to above the canopy under both direct and diffuse light. conditions The data includes all outputs from the SunScan wand: time of measurement, transmitted light, spread of PAR sensors, beam fraction, and zenith angle.
Gaius Shaver, 2013 Total and diffuse photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) recorded by a beam fraction (BF3) sensor during the summer of 2012 in vicinity of Toolik Lake, Alaska.. 10.6073/pasta/e07cdf2782e0016405f9845e02ef5542
This file contains irradiance (PAR) and diffuse light data logged from a beam fraction (BF3) sensor near Toolik Lake, Alaska during the summer of 2012. The data comes from a compilation of automated datalogger readings as well as measurements taken during the field season in conjunction with the Delta-T SunScan wand to measure PAR in tall shrub canopies dominated by Betula nana or Salix pulchra species. The sensor was leveled and mounted to a 2m tripod in each location, and programmed to record instantaneous readings in 30 second to 5 minute intervals.
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