root_dynamics data
George Kling, Knute Nadelhoffer, Martin Sommerkorn, 2006 13C and 15N Content in Arctic Tussock Tundra and Wet Sedge Vegetation. 10.6073/pasta/ee1d007696eba422c9914f7cfd6f6f4d
This file contains 13C and 15N content from tussock tundra and wet sedge vegetation collected from experiemental plots during the years 2001-2006.
Terrestrial Soil Microfuna and Microflora
John (J.C.) Weber, John Hobbie, 2011 Plant litter, soil, plants and fungal fruiting bodies 15N, 13C, percent C and N along Dalton Highway, Alaska 2004, 1990, 2007.. 10.6073/pasta/015d969d9fa8edad701ac0141614472a
The data set includes 15N and 13C for plant litter, soil, plants and fungal fruiting bodies (mycorrhizae), percent C (soil organic matter and percent N from samples collected in three separate trips (1990, 2004, 2007) along the transect of the Dalton Highway (AK) extending from the Yukon River on the south to Prudhoe Bay on the north.
Terrestrial Soil Properties
Gaius Shaver, Yuriko Yano, 2009 Chloroform-extractableN and d15N within 15N addition plots for Aug 2003. 10.6073/pasta/3afcfb4b01223d351944947a7881a2d6
Pool size and d15N values for chloroform-extractable N, extractable-N, and non-extractable N pools. Samples collected in Aug. 2003 from 1st Organic Layer of 15N addition plots in Imnavait watershed.

1st Organic Layer = the upper 10 cm of organic soil or, if the organic layer was < 10 cm thick, the entire layer (e.g., there was never > 4 cm of organic soil at Crest).
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