soil horizons

Landscape Interactions
Michael T Oconnor, Bayani T Cardenas, George Kling, Ann Chen, 2020 Soil stratigraphic data for the Toolik Lake region, North Slope of Alaska 2016-2019. 10.6073/pasta/68ab4e6f628909de50409df766e183d7
Soil stratification was determined by measuring the vertical thickness of three main strata (surface acrotelm, mid-depth catotelm, and bottom mineral soil) found in organic-rich or peat soils in the Toolik Lake region, North Slope of Alaska. Additional data for each site include dominant vegetation, landscape position, glacial surface, and microtopography.
Terrestrial Soil Properties
Julia Reiskind, Michelle Mack, Martin Lavoie, 2012 Proteolytic enzyme activity of organic and mineral soil core samples collected near Toolik Lake field station, Alaska, July 2001. 10.6073/pasta/8f9ed5ff1f556c725eb666cce128e859
The original focus of this study was an analysis of proteolytic enzyme activity of Alaskan arctic tundra soils, however initial results raised questions regarding the method (Watanabe and Hayano, 1995). Thus, the goals of the study changed to 1) an investigation of the method, and 2) a comparison of enzyme activities of two different soil layers from the arctic tundra.
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