Notebook and photos directories.

The notebooks and photos were scanned and organized into folders and a zip archieve created.  (Cape Thompson Frost 

The folders include:

  1. Folders organized by plot vegetation type (WM = wet meadow, T = Tussock plot and FS = Frost Scar Ecotype) and plot number.  Within the folders are thumbnail indexes (index.html) to  jpg fileswhich  include:
    1. Summery table of all the scars in the plot. 
    2. Photos taken of each frost scar between 1961 and 1980, including any or all of the following years, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1972 and 1980.  Photos are identified in the following way: Vegetation Type, plot number_scar number, year.  For example, WM1_1 61 would be the 1961 photo of plot 1 scar 1, which is located in a wet meadow vegetation type.  
    3. Sketches of the individual frost scars indicating their shape and vegetation cover.  May show changes over time; however, in some cases markings from multiple years are hard to distinguish in the scanned images.  
  2. Freese Up folder with thumbnail index of photos taken from several plots during freeze-up in 1961.
  3. Study Locations and Info folder with thumbnail index of pages from the 1961 field notebook.  This includes important information concerning the location of scars within plots as well as notes on field procedures.

Other files include camera location, notes and plot list.

FS 13
FS 25
FS 35
FS 38
Study Locations and Info
T 23
T 24
T 31
T 32
T 36
T 43
T 44
T 46
T 52
T 54
T 55
WM 1
WM 11
WM 12
WM 18
WM 22
WM 27
WM 39
WM 45
WM 48

Al Johson letter to Gus.html
camera location.xls
Frost Scar Notes.doc
frost scar table.xls