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Ecotypes Transplant Garden
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Eriophorum vaginatum flowers and mass per tiller in tussock tundra sites along the Dalton Highway, Alaska 2016
These measurements repeat the measurements made by Shaver et al. (1986) along the Dalton Highway at some of the same sites.
Shaver, G. R., N. Fetcher, and F. S. Chapin III. 1986. Growth and flowering in Eriophorum vaginatum: Annual and latitudinal variation.  Ecology 67:1524-1535.
Terrestrial Biomass
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Bulk concentration and isotopic information of plant C and N in green leaves and tissues collected from Imnavait watershed during 2003-2005
Changes in total C and N, d13C and d15N, C:N ratio in green leaves and parts of mosses (for sphagnum, both red and green tips were included) over time since 15NH4 addition in Imnavait watershed.
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