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Ecotypes Transplant Garden
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Carbon dioxide response curve, dark respiration, specific leaf area, and leaf nitrogen data for the 2014 Eriophorum vaginatum reciprocal transplant gardens at Toolik Lake and Sagwon, AK, collected in 2016.
Transplant gardens at Toolik Lake and Sagwon were established in 2014.  At each location, 60 tussocks each from ecotypes of Eriophorum vaginatum from Coldfoot (CF, 67°15′32″N, 150°10′12″W), Toolik Lake (TL, 68°37′44″N, 149°35′0″W), and Sagwon (SAG, 69°25′26″N, 148°42′49″W) were transplanted.  Half the transplanted tussocks were grown under ambient conditions, while the other half were exposed to passive warming supplied by open-top chambers (OTC). Data were collected in late June through... more
Terrestrial Trace Gases
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Leaf area, biomass, carbon and nitrogen content by species for harvests taken as part of the ITEX flux survey.
Leaf area, biomass, foliar carbon and nitrogen by species for destructive vegetation harvests. Plots were located in the Toolik Lake LTER fertilization experiment in Alaska; at Imnavait Creek, Alaska; at Paddus, Latnjajaure and the Stepps site near Abisko in northern Sweden; and at various sites in Adventdalen, Svalbard, in Zackenberg valley, Northeast Greenland, and at BEO near Barrow, Alaska. Harvests were taken during the growing seasons 2003 to 2009.
Harvest data including the shoot leaf area index, position in the canopy, and shoot and plant tissue area, count and mass for each shoot harvested at three levels in the canopy from 19 1m x 1m plots near LTER Shrub plots, Toolik Field Station, AK 2012.
Leaf and plant tissue area and mass from shoots harvested from 19 1m x 1m point frame plots near Toolik Field Station, AK during the summer of 2012. Six shoots were harvested from each plot, two from each canopy layer: upper, middle, and low. Each shoot came from a different plant, and the species selected was based on the species dominant in that canopy layer. The leaf area and mass were used to correct A/Ci and light response curves taken on each shoot [data published separately]. At... more
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