Water temperatures from Toolik Lake in Summer 1998.


Time series at 5 minute intervals of water temperatures at several depths from a moored chain of thermistors.

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Macintyre, S. 2000. Water temperatures from Toolik Lake in Summer 1998. Environmental Data Initiative. http://dx.doi.org/10.6073/pasta/47ef9a5989ddc37979640360738f39fc

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Wednesday, July 8, 1998 to Tuesday, August 11, 1998

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Time-series of temperatures were measured adjacent to the met station at Toolik Main (TM, nine depths) using self-contained temperature loggers on taut-line moorings with a subsurface float 1 m below the air-water interface. Oregon Environmental Instruments (OEI) Model 9311 temperature loggers with an accuracy and resolution of 0.005C and time constant of 5 s were used at TM. Recording was done at 10-s intervals. The units were calibrated before and after deployment against a platinum resistance thermometer with an accuracy of 0.0006C. Column description, including measurement depth (in meters) given in line 1 of the data file.

The stations by triangulation of 3 stakes on land and for military reasons the GPS were not as exac.

An additional mooring consisting of TSKA, Inc. WaDaR loggers with an accuracy of 0.001C, a resolution of 0.0014C, and a time constant of 3 min was deployed at the Central (WaDaR) Station. See Fig. 1 in MacIntyre et al. (2006. Limnol. Oceanogr. 51(2): 1107-1124) for locations. Recording was done at 30-s intervals. Please contact Sally MacIntyre for these additional data if needed.

see: Physical pathways of nutrient supply in a small, ultraoligotrophic arctic lake during summer stratification, Limnology and Oceanography (2006) page: 1107

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