Updating ckeditor to include inline image captions

To take advanage of captions for inline images ckeditor was updated to 4.5.11 and CKEditor Image2 Plugin module was installed. 

Anne at the Sag sites sampling soil water

This also required that wysiwyg module be updated to  Version: 7.x-2.2+81-dev  to support ver 4 of ckeditor.

I used the custom build (http://ckeditor.com/builder) making sure that the Enhanced Image plugin is added to the  full preset. The ckeditor folder is then used to repalce the ckeditor floder in arcdeims7/profiles/deims/libraries/

You will need to edit the wysiwyg profiles (admin/config/content/wysiwyg)  to check the image2 checkbox.)


  • A long caption will not wrap around.  I spent serveral days tryout different solutions like using a wrapper css of tables but each solution would not work on all alginments or browsers. So one wil have to add br to get text to wrap.
  • The images in the editor are not exactly like the final save view.
  • Inserted tables in the editor do not show the outline of the cells.  This is a pixture_reloaded theme problem.  When I choose the admin theme the borders show up.