Zooplankton density for lake samples collected near Toolik Lake Arctic LTER in the summer of 1977


Zooplankton density in number per liter for all samples collected from arctic lakes near Toolik Lake Field Station (Arctic LTER) in the summer of 1977.

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O'brien, J., Luecke, C. 1979. Zooplankton density for lake samples collected near Toolik Lake Arctic LTER in the summer of 1977 Environmental Data Initiative. http://dx.doi.org/10.6073/pasta/f5782171f4412585f17982d7d2adbec8

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Sunday, May 1, 1977 to Thursday, September 1, 1977

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The samples were taken with a 30 cm diameter plankton net with 335 um mesh plankton netting. In almost all cases replicate vertical tows were taken with the length varying on the depth of the lake. The samples were preserved in an alcohol/formalin solution and stored in 250 ml Nalgene bottles. The samples were counted by taking a sub-sample of 1 or 2 ml from the bottle and enumerating all zooplankton by species using a M-5 steromicroscope. The entire sample was surveyed for the 3 large species- D. middendorffiana, Heterocope, and Holopedium. All of the samples were counted and enumerated by Sun Yong.

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Sampling Description.

Only Toolik Lake was sampled during the summer
1977. The data file incorrectly indicates that the samples were vertical
tows. What the data represent is the density of zooplankton collected with
a 120 liter Schindler-Patalas plankton trap taken out at the main station.
Depending upon the depth at the time of sampling, samples were taken
every 2 meters starting at 1 m down to the bottom, which varied from
19 to 13 meter de

SITE 100, Treatment none Type Tow Schindler-Patalas plankton trap Depth every 2 meters DATE weekly pending upon where we anchored.

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