Peat Inlet well #1 depth in summer 2011


Data on sensor depth gathered from PIn Well 1 in 2011 from the CSASN-1 project. A HOBO U23 water level logger was used. This data is used to understand frost table changes throughout the season.

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Gooseff, M. 2013. Peat Inlet well #1 depth in summer 2011 Environmental Data Initiative.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015 to Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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These files contain water depth data from wells located along the banks of Peat Inlet stream. Wells were installed in 2010 by hand to a depth of refusal at the frost table boundary, therefore they were installed to monitor active layer shallow groundwater dynamics. HOBO U23 level loggers collected data at sub-hourly intervals at the bottom of each well. We made out best efforts to lower the loggers as the frost table lowered, such that we were always measuring pressure (i.e. water level) from the active layer / frost table boundary. Raw pressure data was converted to water level using the barometric assistant tool in HOBOware Pro software. Barometric data was collected at the outlet of I8 Lake.

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No more updates. Project completed in 2012.
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