Plant biomass, production and chemistry measurements near Toolik Lake, Alaska for moist tundra, wet sedge, tall shrub, and dry heath. Some harvests include total nitrogen and phosphorus.

Terrestrial Biomass
Donald Schell, 1990 Arctic LTER 1988: del 13C and del 15N ratios measurement for Eriophorum, Carex and lichen species in water tracks at Toolik and Imnavait Creek. 10.6073/pasta/d1771a19979f042e44a1813fe935c426
del 13C and del 15N ratios were measured for plant and lichen in watertracks in the Toolik Lake drainage and the east facing slope of the Imnavait Creek area. Sampling locations for each species for a specific date were chosen across an elevation gradient starting from the lakeside and leading to ridge crest. The vegetation was dried and analyzed for stable isotopes.
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