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AON Toolik Lake
Werner Eugster, George Kling, James A Laundre, 2020 Turbulence and flux data from eddy flux platform on Toolik Lake, Alaska 2009-2015. . 10.6073/pasta/919cd028d73ef4f8427d951148f974ec
Yearly file describing the turbulence conditions on Toolik Lake including the CH4, CO2 and H2O fluxes over the lake adjacent to the Toolik Field Research Station (68 38'N, 149 36'W).  This location is a floating platform where eddy flux measurements have been made, and should not be confused with either the Toolik Field Station Climate site, which is a land-based station, or the Toolik Lake Climate Station that is lake-based but at a different location (approximately 300 m from the eddy platform).
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