Kuparuk River Arctic LTER

Summer temperature and discharge files for streams studied by the Arctic LTER.

Streams Temperature Discharge
William "Breck" Bowden, 2020 Kuparuk River stream temperature and discharge measured each summer, Dalton Road crossing, Arctic LTER Toolik Field Staion, Alaska 1978-2019. 10.6073/pasta/b407edbe788d9be27662009e1be8331b
Stream temperature and discharge measured each summer for several streams in the Toolik area. In many years, temperature and stream height were recorded manually each day. In recent years, dataloggers have measured stream temperature and stream height at regular intervals. The Kuparuk River data was maintained by Doug Kane and the Water and Environmental Research Center at UAF through 2017 (http://ine.uaf.edu/werc/projects/NorthSlope/upper_kuparuk/upper_kuparuk....).
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