resin bags

Gaius Shaver, Yuriko Yano, 2006 NO3 and NH4 collected by resin bags in 15N addition plots during 2003-2004. 10.6073/pasta/c98aee0d4a8c4023107c26588e6227d5
Concentrations of NO3 and NH4 and d15N of NO3 and NH4 collected on resin bags from 15N addition plots along hillslope in Imnavait watershed.
Terrestrial Soil Properties
Jennie DeMarco, Michelle Mack, 2009 Net nitrogen mineralization from shrub gradient and snow manipulations, near Toolik field station, collect in the summer of 2006 and winter of 2006-2007. 10.6073/pasta/d63fe4fe5d2725aaa8732f1ae6548028
In arctic tundra, near Toolik Lake, Alaska, we quantified net N-mineralization rates under ambient and manipulated snow treatments at three different plant communities that varied in abundance and height of deciduous shrubs.
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