shrub canopy height

Ecosystem respiration (ER: or CO2 flux), methane (CH4) fluxes and net ecosystem production (NEP) near Toolik Lake, Alaska, comparing effects of temperature, moisture and nutrients on tundra C balances.

Terrestrial Trace Gases
Gaius Shaver, 2013 Maximum canopy height from 14 flux canopy and 19 point frame plots sampled near the shrub LTER sites at Toolik Field Station, Alaska, summer 2012.. 10.6073/pasta/7b7fb8822b918e03c6803b6ba352894b
Maximum canopy height measurements for deciduous shrub canopies sampled for both 1m x 1mc hamber flux polots (n=14) and point frame plots (n=19) in the summer of 2012 near LTER shrub plots at Toolik Lake, AK. The canopies were dominated either by Salix pulchra or Betula nana species, and plot locations were preferentially selected for tall canopies (height > 75 cm). The methods for the chamber flux and point frames are outlined here briefly, though the data from these measurements are contained in separate files.
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