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Ecosystem respiration (ER: or CO2 flux), methane (CH4) fluxes and net ecosystem production (NEP) near Toolik Lake, Alaska, comparing effects of temperature, moisture and nutrients on tundra C balances.

Terrestrial Trace Gases
Gaius Shaver, 2010 Plant % cover by species for the ITEX CO2 flux survey plots at Toolik, Alaska; Abisko, Sweden; Svalbard, Norway; Zackenberg, Northeast Greenland; and Barrow, Alaska 2004-2009. 10.6073/pasta/ee2d15731f5d84f0983c5847f0d49708
Estimated aerial plant % cover by species in flux plots measured during the ITEX circumarctic flux survey 2004-2006. Flux plots were located in the Toolik Lake LTER fertilization experiment in Alaska; at Imnavait Creek, Alaska; at Paddus, Latnjajaure and the Stepps site near Abisko in northern Sweden; at various sites in Adventdalen, Svalbard; in the Zackenberg valley, Northeast Greenland; at BEO near Barrow, Alaska and at the Anaktuvuk River Burn in Alaska.
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