Meteorological data in five minute intervals from Toolik Field Station, Alaska (2009-2017)


Weather data has been collected at Toolik Field Station (68 degrees 38'N, 149 degrees 36'W) since June 1988. The weather station located at the field station was originally installed by the Arctic Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) ( and Toolik Field Station (TFS) assumed control of the station in 2007. The field station is an ideal location for maintaining long-term weather data, as it is located in a data sparse region and adds a data point along the north-south transect of the North Slope of Alaska, following along the Dalton Highway. There is year round access and a long-term pre-existing dataset. These advantages make it possible to provide quality data - an often difficult achievement in remote northern latitudes in Alaska.

Colin Edgar, Jessie Cherry, Lily Cohen, Christie Haupert, Anja Kade, et al. 2018. Meteorological data in three hour intervals from Toolik Field Station, Alaska (1988-2017). Arctic Data Center. doi:10.18739/A2K931637.

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Edgar, C., Cherry, J., Kade, A., Haupert, C., Laundre, J. A., Van Dam, B., Mcpherson, R. 2018. Meteorological data in five minute intervals from Toolik Field Station, Alaska (2009-2017) Environmental Data Initiative.

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Wednesday, June 1, 1988 to Sunday, December 31, 2017

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