Reproductive effort in cotton grass tussock tundra

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TitleReproductive effort in cotton grass tussock tundra
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1982
AuthorsChester, AL, Shaver, GR
JournalHolarctic Ecology
ISBN Number0105-9327
Accession NumberARC316

Eriophorum vaginatum ssp. spissum is a dominant plant species of undisturbed cotton grass tussock tundra in Alaska. It also quickly invades and dominates recently distubed sites. The hypothesis tested in this research was that the success of E. vaginatum on disturbed sites might be achieved through a higher allocation of biomass to reproductive structures relative to other tundra species. Reproductive allocation of tundra plants in general also was compared with plants of the temperate zone. The results indicate that E. vaginatum is about average among the common tundra species in terms of total reproductive allocation, allocation to seeds, and the proportion of total reproductive allocation that is accounted for by viable seeds. Tundra species, on a relative basis, allocate less biomass to all reproductive structures than temperature species but not necessarily less biomass to the output of viable seeds.

Short TitleReproductive effort in cotton grass tussock tundra