Plant biomass, production and chemistry measurements near Toolik Lake, Alaska for moist tundra, wet sedge, tall shrub, and dry heath. Some harvests include total nitrogen and phosphorus.

Terrestrial Biomass
Gaius Shaver, 1990 Arctic LTER 1982: Biomass in tussock tundra near Toolik Lake North Slope AK (68 degrees 38N, 149derees 34W).. 10.6073/pasta/c0d17c3371e88847208dbc0b35f2f8f5
Biomass in tussock tundra near Toolik Lake North Slope AK (68 degrees 38N, 149derees 34W). There were three harvests;Late May-early June; Late July-early August; Late August-early September. See Shaver and Chapin (Ecological Monographs, 61(1), 1991 pp.1-31.
Gaius Shaver, 2006 Above ground plant biomass in a mesic acidic tussock tundra experimental site from 1982 to 2000 Arctic LTER, Toolik Lake, Alaska.. 10.6073/pasta/c3ef07e6ed81c1fc33e9bc20aff07093
Above ground plant biomass and leaf area were measured in a moist acidic tussock tundra experimental site. The plots were set up in 1981 and have been harvested in periodical (See Shaver and Chapin Ecological Monographs, 61(1), 1991 pp.1-31. Mack, et al, Nature 2004 431:440-443) This file contains the biomass numbers for each harvested quadrat and per cent carbon and nitrogen summaries for harvests through 2000. Leaf area data is presented in other data files (see
Kevin Griffin, Natalie Boelman, 2020 Vegetation species abundance via point frame from Arctic LTER dry heath tundra, Toolik Field Station, Alaska, 2017. 10.6073/pasta/4b75019636e6f95760fcd49de4c99579
Vegetation (species) abundances were measured from LTER heath tundra herbivore exclosures using the point frame method. This file contains the number of pin hits per species for each subplot.
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