Toolik Inlet Discharge Data collected in summer 1993, Arctic LTER, Toolik Research Station, Alaska.


Stream discharge, stage height, temperature, and conductivity of Toolik Inlet during the 1993 study season.

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Kling, G. 1994. Toolik Inlet Discharge Data collected in summer 1993, Arctic LTER, Toolik Research Station, Alaska. Environmental Data Initiative.



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Associated Researcher

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Saturday, June 12, 1993 to Wednesday, August 25, 1993

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For discharge measurement protocol, see the Land-Water protocol accessible from the Land-Water mainpage on the Arctic LTER web page or at and clicking on the protocol link at the bottom of the page.

Water level was recorded continuously with with a Stevens PGIII Pulse Generator connected to a Campbell Scientific CR510 datalogger. Additionally, we deployed a Campbell Scientific Model 247 Conductivity (EC) and Temperature probe which also recorded to the CR510.

Discharge measurements were taken throughout each season to determine the stage-discharge relationship. When the stage heights exceed our range from the study year's rating curve, we apply a standardized composite rating curve (from 1991-2006) for Toolik Inlet to solve for stream discharge.
Field and Lab Methods and Protocols, Kling lab, University of Michigan

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Adjusted discharge measurements based on two rating curves, the Yearly and Composite. See Methods.
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