physical and chemical information for soil cores from Imnavait watershed during 2003-2005


Physical (bulk density, soil thickness) and chemical (total C and N, d13C and d15N) information of soil cores taken from 15N addition plots in Imnavait watershed.

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Shaver, G., Yano, Y. 2009. physical and chemical information for soil cores from Imnavait watershed during 2003-2005 Environmental Data Initiative.



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Tuesday, July 1, 2003 to Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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Soil cores were taken to the frozen layer or to the length of corer. At crest and riparian sites, frozen layer could not be reached. Cores were devided into different soil layers by cutting the cores with a knife, brought back to lab and sotred at ~4 degree C until they were processed (within 24 hours from the end of collection). Rock and live-root contents were plucked by hand and soils were dried to determine soil's bulk density. Total N and d15N were determined for ground soils.

Each core was separated by layer and numbered: 1) green, 2) next 10cm, 3) next 10 cm, 4) the rests (mineral soil was separated if there were any). For CR soils of 1-Jul-2003 samples, layer 1 and 2 (green and next 10cm) were not separated.

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