Meteorological data near thermokarst sites around Toolik Lake Field Station, Summer 2009-Summer 2012


GroMeteorological parameters were measured hourly adjacent to thermokarst features in the region around Toolik Field Station. Pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, air temperature and relative humidity were all measured at 1-3m above the ground surface with an Onset U30 weather station connected to all sensors.

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Gooseff, M., Godsey, S. 2012. Meteorological data near thermokarst sites around Toolik Lake Field Station, Summer 2009-Summer 2012 Environmental Data Initiative.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009 to Sunday, August 5, 2012

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All weather parameters were measured hourly using Onset sensors attached to a Hobo U30 datalogger. The tipping bucket rain gage is unheated and thus gives only an estimate of liquid precipitation. The anemometer was placed at 3m at the top of the tower, with solar radiation and the rain gage immediately below the anemometer arm. Temperature and relatively humidity were measured within a ventilated shield. Pressure was measured within the datalogger unit.

At the Toolik River and I-minus-2 gulley thermokarsts, sites were adjacent to the top of the thermokarst feature and analogous measurements were made. In order to coordinate with the ARCSS/TK team measurements at TRTK, measurements in the summer period were taken at 5-min intervals in 2009-2011: cumulative (rainfall) or average (all other parameters) hourly values are reported here based on those 5-min data.

Note that Water Content sensors are not calibrated and data may not be accurate, but are useful for investigating gross wetting and drying patterns.

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Data was maintained by the Gooseff lab during 2009-2012. Some data continues to be collected, please contact the lab for updates.
Version2: Combined the three met files under one metadata file.
Corrected the latitude which was missing the - sign. Jim L Mar 2018

Sites sampled.

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