plant nitrogen

Plant biomass, production and chemistry measurements near Toolik Lake, Alaska for moist tundra, wet sedge, tall shrub, and dry heath. Some harvests include total nitrogen and phosphorus.

Terrestrial Biomass
Gaius Shaver, Yuriko Yano, 2009 Bulk concentration and isotopic information of plant C and N in green leaves and tissues collected from Imnavait watershed during 2003-2005. 10.6073/pasta/329191b51f7c934d72974eaf0f9bcff9
Changes in total C and N, d13C and d15N, C:N ratio in green leaves and parts of mosses (for sphagnum, both red and green tips were included) over time since 15NH4 addition in Imnavait watershed.
Welker IPY_Snow_shrub
Jeff Welker, Paddy Sullivan, 2011 Welker IPY snow fence shrub site Betula leaf 15N, 13C, %N, %C, Toolik, Alaskanear Toolik Field Station 2007 and 2008.. 10.6073/pasta/b6c6bebabdbdc93b7d5d7937c45aede9
Betula nana leaf mineral leaf 15N, 13C, %N, %C was measured over the summer seasons in 2007 and 2008 at our shrub site. Fresh fully expanded leaves were collected several times during the summer.
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