Burn Terrestrial Data
Adrian V Rocha, 2021 Tussock (Eriophorum vaginatum) density, mortality, and rodent-herbivore activity in moist acidic tussock tundra at the site of the 2007 Anaktuvuk River fire and nearby unburned tundra, measured in 2019. 10.6073/pasta/d25053a5e3d579321688f20558e96753
This dataset consists of tussock density, mortality rates and causes, and an assesment of rodent-herbivore activity levels in previously burned (2007 Anaktuvuk River fire) and unburned tussock tundra. Eriophourm vaginatum tussocks were counted every meter within a 1 square meter quadrat along three transects. Cause of tussock mortality, as well as level of rodent herbivory was assessed for each tussock, and rodent herbivore activity was assessed for each quadrat.
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